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Jesus The Christ

Jesus The Christ - Savior Of the World Who Died on the Cross For Your Sins

Jesus The Christ – Savior Of the World Who Died on the Cross For Your Sins

Who is Jesus Christ?  Not just the Holy Bible is filled with information on Him but this link tells us that even historians, of that day wrote about Jesus Christ that were part of the Roman and Greek Culture.

Jesus the Christ, the anointed Son of God, claimed He was the Son of God with the proof of the miracles He did before dying on the cross for the sins of all mankind saying “Father forgive them for they know not what they do”.  Jesus showed to the world the love of God from the Heavenly Father, the healing of our physical bodies, the power of Holy Spirit to set people free from the bondages of Satan and evil mind tormenting thoughts,  the forgives of sins and the only access to enter eternal life with God who is Holy.  God is Holy, and heaven is holy and the only way to enter a holy heaven is to confess your sins to Jesus Christ and commit your life 100% in love to Him.  Christ wants a love relationship with you not a bunch of religious rules and regulations.  If you love God with all your heart you will automatically fulfill all the law of the Holy Bible loving your neighbor and doing good to all especially the poor.

Now skeptics say Jesus is not the son of God.  Here is the test.  He either is or He is not.  If someone today came up to you and told you that he personally is the current the son of God (he probably just came out of a mental hospital), you would look to the actions and say he has lost his marbles. But with Jesus Christ, the evidence world wide is clearly not someone who just came out of a mental hospital.

When you look to the evidence of Jesus Christ, you see in the world today billions of Christians that are learning to love and forgive.  The healings done today in the name of Jesus are a clear evident that Jesus is alive and well and sits at the right hand of God.  Those who still are not sure if Jesus is real, should simply ask Jesus saying, “Jesus, if you are real, please reveal yourself to me.”  Those people find the truth very quickly.  The skeptics and followers of Satan will deny that Jesus Christ has come in the flesh which is revealed in the Bible in 1 John 4. Evil always fights against God as Satan was kicked out of heaven as explained in the Holy Bible and is the author of all evil. Satan is a spirit as he lost his body in his rebellion against God. That is why he is trying to give false thoughts to the world. He has no power unless a human being acts on Satan’s thoughts. Satan is a real evil spirit and followers of Satan have witches conventions to pray against Christians and the Christian church.

So in conclusion, Jesus is the Christ, the Son of the living God who lived over 2000 years ago and lived a perfect sinless life.  It is only by Jesus’ shed blood that God accepts forgiveness of sins since Jesus blood was pure.  Self righteousness does not earn yourself a ticket to heaven.  The Bible says in John 14:6 and in Acts 4:12 that Jesus is the only access to heaven.  So if you want eternal life in heaven with God then ask Jesus into your heart, ask forgiveness of all your sins and commit your life 100% to Jesus to do God’ will for your life.  When you pray this in faith, you will become born again according to John 3:3 and then you will know for sure the Christ dwells inside you and will never condemn you but will want you to be filled with Holy Spirit’s power every day to overcome evil temptations.  Those that reject Christ or want to follow evil or Satan will get eternal life in hell with the devil.  Hell was not created for mankind however if you want to reject Christ, you have sentenced yourself to live eternally with the devil who also constantly rejects Christ since he is the author of all evil, all sickness and all confusion, all suicides and all tormenting thoughts.

Study the Holy Bible and ask for truth and find out the truth for yourself.  If you don’t have a bible you can go to as there are lots of different languages and versions to choose from.
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