Scripture and Prayer

Holy Bible Learn About Jesus The Christ

Holy Bible Learn About Jesus The Christ

We will be posting a scripture from the Holy Bible along with a corresponding prayer for each day of the year to encourage you and inspire you to find out why you are on this planet and who created you and who loves you and is calling you into a personal relationship with Him. Scriptures will be in the King James Version however in August 2012 we will be sending out scriptures in the New King James Version for a change as that version is a little more readable espcially for the younger ones. You can still look up the King James Version posts and even do a compare in August to the newer scripture posts.

Please study the Holy Bible every day with the help of the Holy Spirit and apply the scriptures in all applications in life.  The Holy Bible is the handbook for living so dont just pick out pieces of the Bible here and there and live a selfish life for yourself, but learn the Holy Bible by reading it seeing yourself in the screnes (such as with Jesus or the Apostles).  When you read the words of Jesus, see Him speaking those words directly to you as you and then ask yourself, will I now act on the Word of God?

You can live the life Jesus has planned for you.  A life of joy and happiness as you help others and tell them that Jesus loves them  Give them a Bible so they can study and learn to be more like Christ every day!  God Bless you!

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