Jesus the christ loves you

Jesus the christ loves you

We will be posting a testimony (or real life experience) each day. These are people who are applying the Bible as the Holy Word of God and are taking Jesus and His commands seriously. Ordinary people like you and me need to know Jesus is still doing miracles today and if Jesus has done it for one.   He can do it for you for He is just and treats all equally based on the promises in the Bible.

Please study the Holy Bible every day with the help of the Holy Spirit and apply the scriptures in all applications in life. The Holy Bible is the handbook for living so dont just pick out pieces of the Bible here and there and live a selfish life for yourself, but learn the Bible by reading it seeing yourself in the screnes with Jesus or the Apostles. You can live the life Jesus has planned for you. A life of joy and happiness as you help others and tell them that Jesus loves them. Give them a Bible so they can study and learn to be more like Christ every day! God Bless you!

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