Important First steps to take as a new Christian to help you from getting tripped up by the devil

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Learn About Jesus Christ By Studying The Holy Bible

Learn from Children:

1)  When a baby learns to walk it stumbles and gets back and goes into the parents arms – so when you stumble in your Christian walk, run back to Jesus asking forgiveness for a baby Christian does not become an adult Christian over night

2)  Look at the things that cause you to sin, maybe TV, magazine, internet, movies, certain friends, parties – then ask Holy Spirit’s help to start separating your self from sinful traps of the devil and spend that time with Jesus instead

3)  Get a new set of friends that will pray with you on the phone and you study the Bible together during the week and pray for each other

4)  Learn from children in their child like faith- they just trust God with no unbelief – increase your faith to that level as you retrain your thinking to be in line with the Bible not the ways of the world

Important Action To Take:

1) Attend a Bible-believing church where Jesus is worshipped as Lord and Savior and the Son of God. Get involved and fellowship with mature Christians. Believe God’s thoughts of love and goodness towards you.   Be teachable and not judgemental as all the church people are not perfect, only Jesus us perfect!

2) Search daily for promises in the Bible and apply them right away.

3) Talk to Jesus every day. Listen to God’s ways and obey His plan for you. Worship God with all your heart and make Him first priority in all.

4) Increase continually your love and faith in God and stay away from things that cause you to stumble into sin. This may mean a new set of friends

5) Submit to God’s authority, Jesus’ leadership and the power of the Holy Ghost.

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Learn About Jesus Christ Love and Forgiveness For You To Find
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