Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For Apr 24, 2017

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Jesus The Christ Is Savior

Inspiration: Many people have been fooled by "get-rich quick" schemes. A phony life insurance man came to my door and somehow made it into my apartment and onto my couch.  He said "Pay me 99 cents a day and if you get killed, I will pay one lump sum of $500 to your family."  Doing the math in my head, I saw at once that this was a scam and asked the man to leave  From this I see that any quick rich schemes that have been presented to me over the years have not been ones Holy Spirit want me to get involved with!  God leads by peace and confirmations if people are listening to Jesus and the promptings of Holy Spirit that shows up what scripture from the Bible applies in a situation!

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Jesus The Christ Loves You And Died For Your Sins to Give You Eternal Life

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