Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For Apr 28, 2016

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Jesus The Christ Is Lord

Inspiration:   A young man that had a leg a half inch shorter than the other and wore a half inch heel pad in his shoe came for prayer.  God healed him in front of our eyes and he threw his heel pad in the garbage.  I saw him a year later and he said he never had to go back to the chiropractor again since he was healed.  Another example of this scripture was a man came to our Bible study with a cane and was in so much back pain that the doctor had given him a morphine drip to deal with the excruciating back pain!  We prayed for him and we saw no change when he left however he stood on this scripture rebuked the pain and when I saw him close to a year later he was total healed!  Even the doctors were amazing how he came off the morphine drip  This man was walking around fast now with no cane and no pain thanks to Jesus!

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Jesus The Christ Loves You
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