Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For August 2, 2020

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Jesus The Christ Is Wanting To Forgive you no matter what you have done.

Inspiration: A newspaper advertisement designer, who was 40 years old at the time, was challenged to attend church.  He had never attended any church before so he took up and challenge and went.  At this church he was convicted of God’s love and truth he committed his life to Jesus.  After his conversion to Christ, he started diligently reading a proverb and five psalms a day from the Holy Scriptures.  This helped him to cover all the psalms and proverbs each month.  He then joined the choir and wanted to sing intimate love songs to Jesus.  Speaking psalms and singing hymns has given him new strength in his life. Jesus Christ Is the Light Of The World and Inspiration For All

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Jesus The Christ Saves, Heals, Forgives, Protects, Provides. Worship Jesus as Your Lord and Savior
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