Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For Feb 25, 2018

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Jesus The Christ Is Wanting To Speak To You

Inspiration: A friend, who was raised to be a Hindu priest, left his roots and moved to a different country where he and his whole family became Christians.  Later, God called him to another country and gave him the job of being an accountant which was a miracle since he did not know the accounting laws of the land.  God gave him supernatural knowledge to do this job.  His wife would pray all night for him at times.  The executives of this company all saw the grace of God in his life and he spoke a prophecy in the board room that came to pass.   About 5 years later, God called him to go to a Bible College in another country.  The company did not want him to go and offered him more money but he refused and went on to Bible College and then eventually established a powerful Church with God’s help!

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Jesus The Christ Loves You And Died For Your Sins to Give You Everlasting Life

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