Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For Jan 28, 2018

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Jesus The Christ Is Wanting To Speak To You

Inspiration: A Christian had water sprinkled on him as a baby but he thought he needed to be water baptized as an adult since as a baby, baptism meant nothing to him.  As he thought about being baptized in water, he became nervous of what others might think of him and was embarrassed to be baptized in front of people. He then saw that was pride in his life.   When he learned that water baptism involved going under the water to die to self and being raised from the water was to live a new life for Jesus, he asked to be water baptized.  He then understood how important dying to self was so water baptism was a reminder to die to self and live for Christ! 

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Jesus The Christ Loves You And Died For Your Sins to Give You Everlasting Life

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