Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For July 8, 2016

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Jesus The Christ Is Lord

Inspiration: A twenty-year old, fast food store worker shared his testimony with us.  He said at age four, his parents divorced and he lived one year with his mother.  His mother didn’t want him and sent him to his Dad. His Dad didn’t want him and sent him to his grandparents.  At the age of seven, his grandparents gave up on him and he was moved from foster home to foster home.  It was at Christmas time when he shared his story and I wept hearing he had no family that cared about him nor tried to keep in touch with him.  The good news is that he has committed his life to Jesus, was party of our church family and God sent him a friend to share Christmas with.  Let us open our eyes to the hurting world around us!

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Jesus The Christ Loves You
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