Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For Mar 13, 2018

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Jesus The Christ Is Wanting To Speak To You

Inspiration: A college boy’s mind snapped while he was streaking nude across the campus.  A church leader was led by the Lord to pray all night for him since the boy had gone into a catatonic state.  This minister bound the evil forces off him in Jesus’ name and the boy’s mind returned back to normal after 8 hours of prayer.  This minister then instructed the boy’s father to get him involved in a really on-fire church that knows about the power of the Holy Spirit so the evil would not come back on him.  People like this or others getting free from addictions have to lean daily on the grace of God and power of the Holy Spirit to help them stay clean.

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Jesus The Christ Loves You And Died For Your Sins to Give You Everlasting Life

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