Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For May 28, 2021

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Jesus The Christ Loves you unconditionally.  It is time to surrender all and commit your life totally to Jesus!

Inspiration: I found out what spiritual warfare was in the Holy Bible when I became a new Christian.  I was leading one meeting in a small church room when a church leader joined us.  As I spoke about each event, everyone seemed confused and asked me to repeat things several times.  I looked at the church leader as if to say: ‘Why am I always repeating myself?’ and the reply was, ‘There is confusion in this room and you did not pray over it,  did you?’  This church leader showed me I needed to bind the enemy in prayer.  I also forgot to start off that meeting in prayer.  I was a baby Christian at that time and did not know I was supposed to bind the devil every day off all my family and activities and loose the angels to bless everyone based on Matthew 18:18 and James 4:6-8.  Years later at Bible College I was confirmed the need for me to pray this prayer and the Lord’s prayer every day to protect my family and neighborhood by prayer in covering them under the blood of Jesus Christ and praying Psalm 91.Jesus Christ Is the Light Of The World and Inspiration For All

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Jesus The Christ wants to Save you now, heal you now and forgive you now. Worship Jesus as Your Lord and Savior.  Trust Him as your Provider!
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