Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For September 26 2021

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Come to Jesus Christ for forgiveness no matter how much you messed up.  Surrender all to God and commit your life totally to Jesus Christ!

Inspiration: One Bible teacher explained that God always wants you in His perfect will.  People sometimes choose to walk away from God’s perfect will which is a mistake as the devil has nothing to sell but junk and trash.  So quickly repent and get back under the Shadow of the Almighty, God’s protection.  Get as close to Jesus Christ as possible in your personal relationship with Him.   All of us can get tempted by fear, doubt and unbelief thoughts from the devil.  James 4:6-8 says resist the devil by saying ” NO in Jesus’ name” to that temptation and saying “GO in Jesus’ name” to the devil to leave your property all in Jesus’ powerful name.  God always leaves a way to escape temptation but He tests us to see if we love sin more than His laws.  The more mature Christians see sin as destructive and hideous so they immediately hate the thought of sin and dismiss it out of their mind saying “NOT MY THOUGHT.  I DO NOT RECEIVE THAT THOUGHT. GO IN THE NAME OF JESUS”. Holy Bible Learn About Jesus Christ

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Jesus The Christ wants to Save you now.  It is time to repent, regret you sins, get washed clean in Jesus Christ so He can restore you.  Trust Jesus Christ completely!
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