Jesus Christ Inspiration For You For August 8 2021

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Jesus The Christ Loves you unconditionally.  It is time to surrender all and commit your life totally to Jesus!

Inspiration: A businessman was able to disregard impure lusts when he first became a Christian as he was so immersed in the Bible feeding his mind on the Word of God. However, over the years, he got too busy to read the Holy Bible a lot. He also started watching immoral TV shows and movies which stirred up lustful thoughts. After being convicted of his sin, he recommitted his life to Christ, making a covenant with the Lord with his eyes that they would be focused on the Word of God.Jesus Christ Is the Light Of The World and Inspiration For All

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Jesus The Christ wants to Save you now, heal you now and forgive you now. Worship Jesus as Your Lord and Savior.  Trust Him as your Provider!
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