Jesus loves you so much! God is Good. The Devil is the author of everything bad. Cast the devil off your property in the mighty name of Jesus. – July 23, 2020

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Jesus The Christ Is Wanting To Forgive you no matter what you have done.
Jesus loves you so so much!  Jesus took the lashes on his back for your healing. He shed is blood on the cross for your forgiveness of sins!  God is Good.  God is love! 

However, the Devil is the author of everything bad.  So stop blaming God for bad things in your life and cast the devil off your property in Jesus’ name.

Follow Jesus’ plan for your life as you surrender all to Jesus.  As you commit your life 100% to Jesus and study the Bible every day you will learn you have authority over the devil to cast him out in Jesus’ mighty name.

God Bless you and ask for God’s power in your life daily to flow with Holy Spirit to do great things for God.  Live a life of peace since Jesus is the prince of Peace.  Following after the devil and sin will get you no peace and you are endangering yourself and others about ending up in hell.  Repent while there is still time.  No matter what you have done, Jesus will still accept you back if you truly repent and want to leave your life of sin.

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Jesus The Christ Saves, Heals, Forgives, Protects, Provides. Worship Jesus as Your Lord and Savior

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