Look At The Signs! Jesus is coming back soon! Have you accepted Him as Lord and Savior?

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Come to Jesus Christ for forgiveness no matter how much you messed up.  Surrender all to God and commit your life totally to Jesus Christ!
You have to be blind not to see all the signs of the times.  If you are still not convinced, read and study the Holy Bible especially what Jesus Christ says about the last days.  It is time to stop playing around with the devil and repent of your sins, renounce all evil, and fall into a love relationship with Jesus as He wants to forgive you no matter what you have done.  Jesus has a plan for your life and He sends Holy Spirit to help you conquer all bad habits so you can be free of your addictions and live a life of peace and joy and security know you will go to heaven and not hell as you obey Jesus.
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Jesus The Christ wants to Save you now.  It is time to repent, regret you sins, get washed clean in Jesus Christ so He can restore you.  Trust Jesus Christ completely!
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