Scriptures and Prayers To Jesus Christ For October 19 2021

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Come to Jesus Christ for forgiveness no matter how much you messed up.  Surrender all to God and commit your life totally to Jesus Christ!

Please read Matthew 7:1-2 or click on this link and then choose the drop down for the Bible version and language you want: Bible Learn About Jesus Christ

( Click on this link for more English Bible Versions: )

Prayer: Heavenly Father,  I have found that when I judge, the same judgement comes around and slaps me in the face which proves this scripture is true.  Let me not judge people.  It seems that after I have been a Christian for a while, a judgmental attitude can creep up on me which is wrong, as that same judgment will come right back in my face. Please help me to judge words, but not the person speaking them.  Help me to have compassion for people and not be critical.  Help me to see the spiritual battle behind all trouble.   Help me to bind up the devil in Jesus’ powerful name of me off those being attacked and to pray for angels to come and bless them, the neighborhood and the country.  In Jesus’ name I pray.

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Jesus The Christ wants to Save you now.  It is time to repent, regret you sins, get washed clean in Jesus Christ so He can restore you.  Trust Jesus Christ completely!
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