Inspiration About Jesus Christ And The Holy Bible For July 30, 2020

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Jesus The Christ Is Wanting To Forgive you no matter what you have done.

Inspiration: Many high schools teach “safe sex” to their students, but the underlying message to the students is that it is time to start having sex, just do it safely which is against God’s Word.   I was excited to hear about some students of some high schools promoting “No sex till marriage.” These Christians were a great light to their peers.  They were popular students so the other students had respect for them and listened to them.  Parents with good looking teenagers have an extra responsibility to teach their children to be an example of God for good and not for evil since others will copy what they do!Jesus Christ Is the Light Of The World and Inspiration For All

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Jesus The Christ Saves, Heals, Forgives, Protects, Provides. Worship Jesus as Your Lord and Savior
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