Woman with Issue of Blood and Blind Bartimaeus both got their healing by Faith And Corresponding actions and Words

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Jesus The Christ Is Savior
The book of James in the Bible says faith without works as dead. As you study the Books of James you see in examples of what Abraham, Rahab, and others that they had corresponding actions and corresponding words with their faith. So if you are standing on the Word of God for a healing promise but have doubt, unbelief and negative words coming out of your month, then James chapter 1 says you will not receive anything from the Lord for that situation.

Instead realize doubt and unbelief is the trick of the devil to steal your miracle. John 10:10 tells us the devil is out to steal, kill and destroy but Jesus came that we can have life more abundantly. So if you need a miracle study in the Gospels (in the Bible) what the woman with the issue of blood did and said. Also study in the Gospels (in the Bible) the story of Blind Bartimaeus. See his words crying out and telling the World He believed Jesus was the Son of David. See him throw away his garment while still being blind knowing he would not need that garment any more since he had faith he was going to receive his sight.

So if we are standing on 1 Peter 2:24, Psalms 103:1-3 and Isaiah 53:2-5 for a healing miracle, make sure your Faith is demonstrated before the Lord Jesus with corresponding actions (in line with what you are praying for) and that you are speaking Words of faith (in line with what you are praying for). If you speak words of doubt, quickly confess your sin and repent get back into your position of faith. When you develop a rich deep loving personal relationship with Jesus in your prayer life, you will understand that healing belongs to you so that you can be His light on the earth!

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Jesus The Christ Is King of Kings

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